Releasing chinese lanterns together

Chinese lanterns in Remembrance

We hear of Chinese lanterns being used on many occasions in times of celebration, to realise a special date in someone’s life, or to recognise the coming of a new year or other annual holidays in which we traditionally give thanks and enjoy gatherings of family and friends. It has also been known for Chinese [...]
chinese lanterns are great birthday surprise

Birthday wishes with Chinese lanterns

Surprising your friends on their birthday is something really special- we all love seeing the look of shock/horror/bewilderment and ultimately joy when they realise their nearest and dearest have put their heads together to come up with something they will remember for a long time to come. If you or someone you love is celebrating [...]
fire makes chinese lanterns go

Chinese lanterns and a history of fire

The Wishlantern team simply love lights, and lighting things (not in a pyromaniac sort of way, just in a completely safe and controlled sort of way); as we know, without a flame, our beautiful Chinese lanterns would be going nowhere. In celebration of this/in recognition of the wonder that is fire, we thought we’d share [...]

Put chinese lanterns in your party bags

Chilcren’s parties can be a nightmare- not only do you have to ensure your little darling has the time of their life, surrounded by all their favourite chums, but they must also have the most fantastic entertainer, the best dress/trousers and shirt combo on the block…you get the picture. One stress that you can leave [...]

Chinese lanterns and the Zodiac

If there’s one thing that we can be thankful to the great country of China for, it’s giving us Chinese lanterns, which we can use in numerous celebrations and special occasions, wowing guests with something really special. Of course, there is so much more China has given us, including Chinese astrology, and as a celebration [...]

Chinese lanterns at your after show party

Here at Chinese Lanterns HQ, we love taking ourselves out for an evening at the theatre, possibly wining and dining ourselves before the show begins, and luxuriating in sweeties and binoculars, intervals drinks and over-priced programmes…you know, all those little things that make the experience what it is. And what of the hard-working actors/performers/musicians/any other [...]

Chinese lanterns in Remembrance

Over the years, we have had varied requests for our Chinese lanterns, for use at varied events and occasions. These have ranged from significant birthdays or anniversaries, to wedding celebrations and Guy Fawkes night bashes. We have also had the honour of providing our lanterns for memorial services, during which attendees have had the opportunity [...]

Pavilion is ode to Chinese lanterns

At the World Expo in Shanghai, one building has swiftly become the most photographed- and, unsurprisingly for us, it is the Taiwan Pavilion, stunning constructed to look like one of our Chinese lanterns. The beauty does not stop with the structure, oh no. Inside the Pavilion resides the main focal point and central piece of [...]

Chinese lanterns and the eternal flames

Naturally, we love Chinese lanterns, and the beautiful light and colour they create when they’re floating above us. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they were to burn eternally? For one site in Turkey, the flames that lick out from underneath the rocks do exactly this- they have been burning for thousands of years, and will [...]

Ways to use Chinese Lanterns

Naturally, the best way to use your Chinese lanterns to light them, and release them as you make a wish; this is precisely what they are designed for, after all. But we’ve been pondering if there are any alternative ways in which we might be able to use our Chinese lanterns? We had a little [...]