Chinese lanterns and a history of fire

The Wishlantern team simply love lights, and lighting things (not in a pyromaniac sort of way, just in a completely safe and controlled sort of way); as we know, without a flame, our beautiful Chinese lanterns would be going nowhere. In celebration of this/in recognition of the wonder that is fire, we thought we’d share with you a brief history of the stuff:
– The controlled use of fire was an invention of the Early Stone Age, otherwise known as the Lower Paleolithic. During this time it was mostly used for the things we need it for today; cooking, bringing light and heat, and to help clear areas of forest for construction.
– Gesher Benot Ya’aqov in Israel is where the oldest evidence for fire being used has been discovered, with embers from the site dating back 790,000 years.
– When it was first used, if no wood was available to start a fire, the people of the Early Stone Age would use peat, animal dung, straw or seaweed to create a flame.
Of course, whenever you are handling flammable objects, please take care and make sure you are wearing suitable clothing, as well as keeping children away from any naked flame. More details of our products or safety advice for when you use Chinese lanterns can be found on our website.


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