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Releasing chinese lanterns together

Chinese lanterns in Remembrance

We hear of Chinese lanterns being used on many occasions in times of celebration, to realise a special date in someone’s life, or to recognise the coming of a new year or other annual holidays in which we traditionally give thanks and enjoy gatherings of family and friends. It has also been known for Chinese [...]
chinese lanterns are great birthday surprise

Birthday wishes with Chinese lanterns

Surprising your friends on their birthday is something really special- we all love seeing the look of shock/horror/bewilderment and ultimately joy when they realise their nearest and dearest have put their heads together to come up with something they will remember for a long time to come. If you or someone you love is celebrating [...]
fire makes chinese lanterns go

Chinese lanterns and a history of fire

The Wishlantern team simply love lights, and lighting things (not in a pyromaniac sort of way, just in a completely safe and controlled sort of way); as we know, without a flame, our beautiful Chinese lanterns would be going nowhere. In celebration of this/in recognition of the wonder that is fire, we thought we’d share [...]